Samantha Koch

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 Samantha is a school counselor at Nay Ah Shing Upper School.

Why do you feel passionate about the youth in the community?

Samantha:  I definitely have a passion for working with youth. I have been in the school district at Nay Ah Shing for 5 years and have grown very close to our students. They are all great kids and I want to see them excel to their very best!

Why is preventing underage drinking important to you? 

Samantha:  I believe that preventing underage drinking is very important in all communities. It is important to keep our youth safe. Reducing underage drinking in our community is one way to keep them away from substance use while finding healthier activities to get involved in.

What impact do you believe the coalition has made on the community? The youth?

Samantha:  I believe that the coalition has already started to impact the communities and the youth in a positive way. It was the coalition that jump-started our youth leadership group. The leadership group has allowed us to get students involved in making decisions about fun and healthy ways to get their community together. It has been a great way to encourage students to get creative and more involved in efforts to reduce underage drinking.

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