Mike Conner

 In Member Spotlight

Mike  This month’s MAPP Spotlight features Superintendent of Isle Schools and coalition member, Mike Conner.

Question: Why do you feel passionate about the youth in our communities?

Mike: The youth in the Isle Schools and the Mille Lacs area are destined to maintain and build our future.  They will become our leaders, who will be responsible for all aspects of life not only the Mille Lacs area but also worldwide.  I am truly excited about the potential for success by the outstanding youth who are growing and developing skills and strategies for a healthy lifestyle.

 Question: Why do you feel strongly that the youth in our communities should be alcohol, tobacco and drug free?

Mike: The ability to maintain a high quality of life begins and ends with developing strategies for a healthy life style.  The data shows us that success is easier to obtain when you are healthy not only physically but also mentally.

Question: What have you heard about the prevalence of underage alcohol, tobacco and drug use in our communities?

Mike: The recreational economy in our area brings many opportunities for our youth to engage in underage use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  This has impacted a minority of the students but it is a warning sign for everyone to be aware and to prevent this from growing.

Question:  Do you feel the Coalition and its strategies will, in fact, accomplish its vision of a community that works to develop and maintain partnerships by engaging and empowering everyone to make healthy and safe choices?  Why?

Mike: I feel that it is a great opportunity for the Mille Lacs area to make the vision a reality, because if we don’t the results could be catastrophic for everyone.

Question:  Keeping in mind what you know so far, what has impressed you or intrigued you most about the grant and its strategies?

Mike: The most exciting aspect of the coalition is truly the partnerships that are developing and the one mindset they all have to help the area youth.

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